Premium Internet Wholesale Provider in Nepal

Established in the year 1998

Since its establishment in 1998, Communications and Communicate Nepal (P.) Ltd. (C&C Nepal) in the last 20 years has grown from a small VSAT Network provider to a robust International Internet Gateway (IIG) trusted upon by major NSPs and ISPs in Nepal for upstream bandwidth requirement. C&C Nepal aggregates Internet Bandwidth from Global Telecom operators connecting Nepal to the International Terrestrial Cable Network through Biratnagar and Nepalgunj borders.

C&C Nepal contributes to about 35% of Nepal’s Internet delivering enhanced Internet services through partnership with major Internet content providers like Google, Akamai, TikTalk, etc., guaranteeing faster and reliable content delivery to general Nepali Internet users. We are continuously looking ahead to establish peering arrangement with other players like Facebook, Twitter, LimeLight to provide faster, secure and reliable Internet in Nepal.

The company now is looking forward to position itself as a complete managed IT service provider by building Nepal’s first Cloud platform and providing managed services on the Cloud.

Contact Info

Communication & Communicate Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

P. Box. No. 11292

Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel -13

Lalitpur, Nepal

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