C&C Network Infrastructure

Wider National Presence, Global Partnerships, Redundant Backbone, Industry Leading SLA & Focus on Better User Experience

Connecting Nepal through a robust and redundant Optical Fiber Network to two different International Terrestrial Cable points for a stable and reliable Internet gateways along with connections to all major global service providers. Equally robust National presence with three different Points of Presence. Partnering with CDN providers like Goolge, Akamai, Facebook, Tiktalk, for improved browsing experience, reduced download time by bringing the content to the users. CDN is simply a set of mirrors for your website, hosted in such a way that the content is served to end user from the server closest to them, i.e., hosted in C7C Nepal Data Center.

C&C Network Infrastructure

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Communication & Communicate Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

P. Box. No. 11292

Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel -13

Lalitpur, Nepal

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